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Our Menus

We have a licensed dietician on staff


Savor The Flavor

From kids to corporations, all our menus feature vibrant local produce and from-scratch healthy options. Our contracted dietician Christian Carr RD, LD, CDE and head chef and CEO Gabriel McKnight will work with you to craft the perfect rotating selection. 

We craft every menu with the following in mind: 

 Who are we fueling food with 

 Do they have any allergies 

 What do they like to eat ?

 What local sources and vendors can we tap into ? 

 For private schools, we can establish a student menu committee. For businesses, we invite staff to join a cafe committee. We always consider the questions or suggestions that these committees bring forward. 

Once we thoughtfully answer these questions, we craft a balanced, bountiful menu for you. Contact us for a sample menu and branded stations. 

Contact Us 

Dining with Us Perks 

 24/7 access to menus 

 Includes online lunch account management program  sourcing

 Nutritional information

 Special seasonal offering 

 Guest Chef visits 

 Workshops and cooking classes  

Corporate Dietician: Christin Carr RD, LD, CDE

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