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Your Cuisine Chef

Customizable food service management that meets all dining needs. Making lunch the best meal of the day since 2014.



We incorporate sustainable practices in our dining services. We take steps towards a green dining experience by encouraging trayless dining, composting organic waste into gardening materials, and sourcing from vendors who convert used cooking oil into biodiesel. As we grow, we’re ensuring our planet grows healthy too.



We take allergy precautions seriously so dinners can relax and enjoy their meal. Our on-staff registered dieticians ensure we serve delicious, diverse, healthy meals. Throughout our menu curation process, we stay mindful of our diner’s diverse needs.



We source from family operated local and regional suppliers. Our ‘Meet the Farmer’ program is an educational opportunity for dinners to learn about where their food comes from. We’re proud to work with hearty, wholesome suppliers that contribute to the delicious meal on every plate.


Bring your dining hall, cafe, cafeteria vision to life with Your Cuisine Chef.

We have a history of transforming dining programs from average to elite. Think gourmet dishes, seasonal produce and lavish coffee drinks.

In addition to tasty eats, we provide a local business partner dedicated to your institutions. They’ll work hand-in-hand with your food service director, chef and staff to ensure your dining needs are consistently and exceptionally met. 

Whether it’s a corporate cafe or school cafeteria, we deliver quality dining, drinking and snacking experiences.


Customized Food Service Management

Founder and CEO Gabriel McKnight has managed premier dining services for over 10 years. His variety of experiences training, leading, cooking and serving numerous dining halls equips Your Cuisine Chef with dexterous, robust knowledge that allows for us to cater to your needs.

Hands-On Collaboration

Your Cuisine Chef provides each dining service with a personal, trained business partner. Our well-trained and professional staff are all graduates of our Customer Service University Program. You’re in competent, friendly and knowledgeable hands dining with us.


Deliciousness Guaranteed 

We take the same hands-on approach to our food as we do with business partnerships. We work closely with our vendors to make sure each plate is stacked with nutritious, local foods.

Break free of the pack today.


Independent School Parent

Thank you so much for making the special egg sandwich last week for my sweet girl in distress. Your staff just made her day with the food and special drinks. Thank you for caring so much about students that you go out of the way to do this kind of thing.

We love having you on campus!

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